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Frameset demo of WaxDoctor's artwork as animated GIFs.

Peter Patrick Bloch, Austin, Texas, USA

Version #1 Slide Show
Version #2 Continuous
Version #3 Thumbnails

Click thumbnail to display animated GIF (or JPEG) in other frame.
Nov.9, 2002 test NN4 MACs failed, not yet tested NN4 PCs.

See JavaScript in frame's <HEAD>:

Links in this frame (named "left") call the JavaScript function to set page in frame on right (named "content") — <a href="javascript:setContent(3)"> Version #3</a> — to which was added (in initial page "left.html") onClick= "window.self.location= 'leftThumbs.html'" so new "leftThumbs.html" page would also open in this "left" frame. It worked locally in NN6, but not in MSIE.

Alternatively, onClick= "parent.left.document.location.href= 'leftThumbs.html'" was tried — both versions worked locally in NN6, neither worked in MSIE. (Nothing worked online because TRIPOD's stuff stuck into BODY tag of hosted sites screws up everything.)

Thus frustrated, our JavaScript function setContent(thisPage) was abandoned in favor of: <a href= "javascript:location= 'leftThumbs.html'; parent.content.location= 'frame4c.html'"> #3 </a>. Another way to change both frames with one link could be written: <a href= "frame4c.html" onClick="window.self.location= 'leftThumbs.html'" target= "content"> #3 </a>.

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