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Demo site uses different approaches to display some artwork by WaxDoctor.

Peter Patrick Bloch, Austin, Texas, USA
June 29, 1955 — July 31, 2004

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WaxDoctor auto rotating images


Click image to start "billboard" rotate.


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A slide show is being added as an afterthought. To simplify matters, all original images should have been the same size.
  • Automatic “billboard” version (above) uses <A href= "JavaScript: setTimeout ('rotateBB()', BBSpeed); jumpBB()"> <img NAME= "billboard" ...> </A> to rotate images and alter status line message.
  • In “manual” version (to the left), clicking <A href= "JavaScript: chgSlide(1)"> Next </A> starts sequence over at first image after last slide. It works OK in Internet Explorer, but TRIPOD's stuff stuck right into HEAD and BODY tags of hosted sites screws it up in Netscape Navigator 4.
Another issue yet to be resolved: Do we stick with outdated table-formatted page layouts? Or do we forge ahead (despite all the frustrations) and go the HTML4 CSS2 way?
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The 3rd edition of JavaScript Unleashed (Chap 21) noted that <FORM> TEXT object </FORM> was used for “scrolling marquees.” (NN4 supported <iLayer> but did not support <DIV>, <iFrame> or <Marquee> tags. Embedding <layer> inside <iLayer> was an alternative to <Form>. Now, NN6+ no longer supports <iLayer> and still seems to have bugs with <DIV>. What to do?)

JavaScript Unleashed's section on “billboards” noted four steps: (1) Create image placeholder on Web page. (2) Define array to hold images (example used primary and transitional image arrays). (3) Develop JavaScript routine to manage image presentation. (4) Associate JavaScript function as an event handler of Window's onLoad event.

Helpful “billboard” JavaScript examples were found at,, and ...

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