Demo site uses different approaches to display some artwork by WaxDoctor.

Peter Patrick Bloch, Austin, Texas, USA

Peter Patrick Bloch
born June 29, 1955
died July 31, 2004
Director Movie
(requires Shockwave Player)
Pencil animatd GIF rollover
Flash Movie
(requires Flash Player)
JavaScript Rollovers
HTML Tables
— or —
Choose a JavaScript Slide Show:
  1. Regular;
  2. Auto Billboard;
  3. Incremental Load;
  4. Auto Scroll;*
  5. Dynamic Scroll;
  6.     — or —
  7. FrameSet.
*(problems with NN)

This is still a simple (now outdated) table-formatted page. We're currently experimenting with Cascading-Style-Sheet-compliant formatting. Flash, Director, AfterEffects multimedia possibilities are great but unacceptable when player does not download and access to content is denied. Thus, we're trying a mixed bag with XHTML, HTML4, CSS2, JavaScript and ImageReady animated GIFs.

Ultimate solution must be player- and browser-independent. We anxiously await SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to upload artwork — maybe using XML (EXtensible Markup Language) or XUL (XML User-interface Language).

Your computer shows today is .

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