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Demo site uses different approaches to display some artwork by WaxDoctor.

Peter Patrick Bloch, Austin, Texas, USA
June 29, 1955 — July 31, 2004

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  Free "incrementalLoad" script provided by JavaScript Kit.  


JavaScript Slideshow (increment preload image) Credit: FPMC
: This unique slideshow script ... will intelligently preload images one at a time, while the preceding image is being shown. The script will actually wait until the next image is successfully preloaded before continuing, trying again if not. ... Use this script if slideshow contains a lot of heavy duty images, and you don't want visitors to wait forever (literally) before he/she can see the slide.”

A slide show is being added as an afterthought. To simplify matters, all original images should have been the same dimensions to avoid distortion using basic image SRC replacement. (Visit MorganGaynin gallery for script that adjusts cell "space" to overcomes this restriction. Do NOT specify height="" and width="" of image holder.) Likewise, one of several nice aspects of the “incremental pre-load” JavaScript above is that images do not have to be the same size; downside is that page content jumps around. To avoid this, created floating table with "forced cell space" using " " non-breaking spaces.

This “incremental pre-load” works OK in Internet Explorer, but (like a lot of other things) TRIPOD's stuff stuck right into and/or between HEAD and BODY tags of hosted sites screws it up in Netscape Navigator. Another issue yet to be resolved: Do we stick with outdated table-formatted page layouts? Or do we forge ahead (despite all the frustrations) and go the HTML4 CSS2 way?

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